Made to Move

We are building the next generation of wearable technologies by sewing sensors directly into apparel. We provide seamless and comfortable apparel that can monitor, detect, and help you in your active lifestyle without you even noticing it.

We are building a new generation of wearable technologies by creating flexible, fabric movement sensors sewn directly into your clothes.

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Seamless motion capture

With only your clothes, you can measure any activity, anywhere.

Seamless Fabric-based Sensing

We have built custom wearable designs where the sensors are directly located on the clothes you wear.

Raw Motion Data Capture

Data can be seamlessly streamed to your mobile device to track activity and performance.

Plug and Play Anywhere

With new apparel lines in active development, you can use a single Nextiles battery and Bluetooth pack to supercharge any Nextiles apparel.

What we do

We build patented fabric technology that can understand motion of any joint

Knee and joint movement analysis

By building our sensors and motion technology into the fabric of a knee sleeve, we are able to comfortably monitor the joint movement and biomechanical metrics of the knee.

Assessment of range and power

We have in-depth data science approaches to convert information from the knee sleeve to insights such as range of motion, angular velocity, and power of the knee.

Automated documentation

By monitoring the knee seamlessly and comfortably for a patient, we provide machine-learning models to track and document the rehabilitation journey for a patient that can be easily recorded in a variety of electronic health records. Doctors and physical therapists can optimize their workload by relying on our technology to streamline much of their administrative tasks.

Our Product

We provide both the knee brace wearable along with the data analytics platform
Next generation wearables for comfort and wearability
Real-time joint angle and velocity measurement

Our Vision

We aim to build a suite of apparel for injury prevention analysis

Seamless Detection and Tracking

Our technology automatically detects types of exercises and the amount of effort put in. Say goodbye to manual recording!

Instant Form Evaluation

With real-time data about joint movement and muscle usage, we can provide better technique guidance for users.

Next Generation

We have patented apparel and fabric-based technologies that combine textiles with cutting edge electronics.


Our technology provides comfortable and seamless integration into your clothes.


The most nuanced data on your movement and exercises can be collected wherever and whenever.


Our machine learning pipeline provides quantitative metrics and actionable feedback that you can understand.

Our Unique Wearable Technology

Patented fabric and electronic manufacturing

Digital fabrication

We have expertise in electrical engineering and circuit design, giving us the unique ability to merge fabrics and hardware to engineer new wearable platforms.

Reinventing sewing

We have repurposed sewing technology to weave and thread electrically conductive fibers to create new types of wearable devices.

Using flexible electronics

We are using design and fabrication methods found in the textile and fashion industry and applying them to develop next generation wearable electronics.

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Our Team

George Sun

Chief Executive Officer




We're honored to be a Finalist in the NFL's 1st and Future Competition in the "Innovations to Advance Athlete Health and Safety" track. We'll be in Miami from 1/28 to 2/3 for a chance to win some grant money, plus two tickets to Super Bowl LIV!

You can find the official NFL press release here.