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soft & hard goods

Expertise in advanced manufacturing

Material Catalogs
We have worked with a variety of soft and hard good materials, specifically for consumer grade and health related applications. We can help by providing recommendations to the best materials to use in the market
Material Compatibility
We provide expert guidance on material selection and compatibility for a variety of applications and use-cases. This includes flexible, soft, and hard good materials that need to tolerate environmental factors or human contact.
Sourcing and Cost
Material cost, quantity, and quality will always be compromised for complex projects. We try our best to consider the specific demands of your needs and tailor the best ratio of each to optimize project performance as well as delivery speed.

Cost-effective and rapid prototyping

Quick to prototype
We pride ourselves with fast yet quality delivery of working prototypes that help either prove or disprove a products capabilities. Our focus is to build multiple iterations of a prototype to learn mistakes now, rather than later.
Cost efficient
We break down projects to simpler design challenges that can be attacked simultaneously. Our divide and conquer approach make projects manageable and cost-effective.
We pride ourselves with fast prototype iterations, where we believe that building while brainstorming allows all members of the team to understand the difficulties and edge cases of a product, where no one is the gate keeper of knowledge.
Sensor Architecture
Mockups & POC

Brainstorm and dedicated consultations

data insights
We are a data driven company that works to bring intelligence to everyday devices. This means helping you create interconnected devices that respond and provide data insights.
cloud computing
The heart of all interconnected devices is the intimacy with cloud computing. Once we create your device, we have provide the option to host the data on servers of your choice.
One of the biggest challenges with hardware and software design is good product development tracking and version control. We have a tried-and-true method to maintain project integrity so that no one is left out of the loop.

Our services



  • material selection & compatibility
  • identifying sensor and hardware needs
  • optimizing code and data performance
We bring new ideas and project roadmaps that provide value quickly and efficiently.

Patents & Licensing

  • patent licensing and access
  • prior art search and research
  • drafting provisionals and patents
We are happy working on the more technical side of innovation, crafting well worded documents and patents.


  • project roadmaps
  • sensor and hardware design
  • end-to-end data communication
This is where the fun is! After we consult, we help bring your ideas to life.


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Textile Materials

  • conductive threads
  • woven & nonwoven fabrics
  • conductive sheets


Sensor Design

  • pressure & stretch sensors
  • sewn components
  • embroidered connectors


Hardware Design

  • PCB layouts & casing
  • Bluetooth integration
  • Microcontroller design


Apparel Products

  • Sleeves & knee braces
  • Pressure mats
  • Custom garments


Join the team

We are seeking creative and clever makers who are not afraid to tackle new and challenging projects while learning along the way


  • 2D and 3D visualization
  • Hand tools and prototyping skills
  • Story telling and UX flowcharts


  • Sensor design
  • PCB layout and design
  • Electronic equipment use and testing


  • Server and serverless frameworks
  • Data science and real-time analysis
  • Machine learning and modeling

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